Privacy matters. recognizes the importance of our customer’s privacy, and takes a number of steps to protect that privacy. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for personal information collected online, through the mail, our retail stores and at Gentemstick’s wholesale accounts.。 Privacy Policy

Tamaya Products Limited Company (GENTEM hereafter) settles privacy policy (Privacy Policy hereafter) as follows:

The privacy policy sets out the practice on the usage and control of private information for the business operation of GENTEM.

In order for customers to use GENTEM service with a sense of security, GENTEM thinks that the compliance of the law of the personal information protection and the complete suitable information collection, usage and control in GENTEM are the most important.

1 Personal Information

The personal Information for the said Privacy Policy is the information to be able to identify a specified person by one or several combination among customer ID, name, sex, mail address, phone number, address, birth date, company name, division name, title, other contact address and information relating to purchase of the products.

2 Use of Personal Information

GENTEM uses personal information within the limitation of the intended purpose described below and the other intended purpose shown at acquisition as far as necessity for executing the operation.

  • customer management
  • products of GENTEM and other makers and sales of service
  • customer survey
  • notice of necessary items on operation of the web-site
  • advertisement of GENTEM
  • sending mail magazine
  • guide on events and response to inquiry
  • accounting calculation and bill request
  • various inquiry and response to after-sales service
  • examination and analysis of marketing data and development of new service
  • processing of statistical data
  • enforcement of rights and fulfillment of obligation on the base of contract, law and etc.

3 Consent to Collecting Method and Use of Personal Information

GENTEM keeps personal information such as name, mail address, address, phone number and so on only for the case provided by his/her own will when a customer makes arrangement of membership registration on home page, purchases product through on-line shop or participates to event hosted or jointly hosted by GENTEM.

Please note that GENTEM receives and uses customer’s private information for specified purpose on Privacy Policy. GENTEM may obtain personal information from outside party on the base of customer’s consent.

4 Control of Private Information

GENTEM staffs the personal information control director who operates the suitable control on personal information and directs and promotes GENTEM’s activities on the personal information protection.

5 Disclosure of Personal Information

GENTEM appropriately protects personal information and does not disclose it in being available personal identification to the third party without consent unless recognized by the law of personal information protection and other related laws.

6 Provision and Commission of Personal Information

当GENTEM may provide or commission the handling of personal information provided by customers to the company considered to be credible by GENTEM and contracted secrecy agreement on personal information as part of GENTEM’s activities in the following cases. The company may handle the operation commissioned by GENTEM or customer’s personal information to the extent necessary to the following items, but does not use anything else at all.

・Outsourcing Company

GENTEM may commission specific service and operation to the third party or company (for instance, management/control of site, order receipt, delivery of products or catalogs, post delivery, mail delivery, data analysis, marketing, customer service and etc).

Group Company

・ For protection of customers and GENTEM

In case of necessity of response to submission on the base of legal regulation and provision or governmental request, there is a case of disclosure of personal information of customers. And also, personal information may be disclosed in order to carry out or adapt acceptable use policy or other contracts, or to protect or defend right, property and safety of GENTEM, its staff member, customers and other persons in case of judgment being suitable.

There may be a case that subsidiary or an operational division is divested or taken over for the future operation management of GENTEM. In that case, although personal information of customers is generally included into one of company property to be assigned, the said personal information is utilized under the privacy policy noticed or disclosed to customers before settlement of the business succession (excluded the case that the customer consents the other conditions).        

Moreover, if GENTEM or its all property is substantially taken over by the other party, the personal information of customers is assigned to the said other party as the cooperate assets.

・ Customer consent

In case of disclosure of customer personal information to the third party other than the above mentioned, GENTEM informs the notification to customers. In that case, the customer can choice whether he/she shares his/her information with others or does not disclose/provide to the third party.

7 Disclosure, Correction and Related Matters of Personal Information

GENTEM will quickly respond to requests from an individual person regarding the disclosure or deletion of his/her own personal information in reasonable range after strictly confirming the customer’s identity. Any questions or comments regarding GENTEM’s handling of personal information should be directed to the following department:

Gentemstick Co., Ltd.

Management Department, General Affairs
Personal Information Protection Advice Center

TEL: +81(0)045-392-6881

As for the disclosure, there may be a case that the extra-cost bill for the disclosure will be charged. In addition, response to requests on the disclosure or deletion of personal information should not be provided in general without request from individual customer in accordance with the law. However, when customer is under age, requests of the disclosure or deletion from private attorney in law such as person in a parental authority will be responded after the private attorney in law is confirmed.

8 Use of Personal Information / Cancellation of Provision

Even when GENTEM uses / provides the said personal information under the consent by customers, GENTEM ceases the use and provision to the third party in case of request by a customer on the cancellation of the use in GENTEM or the cancellation of provision. However, please be aware that the minimum required information on the operation of GENTEM can not be deleted. If desired, please contact to the department mentioned before.

9 Receipt Method of Notice Request for Usage Purpose of Personal Information

If desired notice for usage purpose of personal information, please contact to the department mentioned before.

10 Comments, Complaints and Adverse Claim for Privacy Policy

Please contact to the department mentioned before for the Privacy Policy or management of personal information.

11 Security

When personal information is provided through the web-site, the information is coded with encryption method of industry standard called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) in order to protect unfair access on personal information by the third party. Personal information thought to be necessary for GENTEM is protected by SSL encoded communication and devoted to ensuring safety.

In addition, personal information is strictly controlled under GENTEM management criterion and taken prevention measure from access to personal information, loss, breaking, alteration, leaking, infecting and etc. of personal information through installation of fair-wall and upgrading of anti-virus measure.

12 Input Information in On-Line Settlement

Site performed in on-line settlement through the said web-site sets the rules on individual privacy being free of GENTEM and the provisions on data collection. Input information supposed to be needed is personal information required for settlement, card information and bank account information.

Coded technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which encodes all of ordered items is used for security measures in transmission of customer personal information.

13 Collection and Use on Non-Personal Information

Every time when a customer accesses to GENTEM site, GENTEM automatically receives IP address attached to the customer’s computer, but does not receive his/her name or e-mail address. IP address is used in identifying or solving problem area of the server and managing the site. In addition, cookie is applied. Cookie is a small file with which the website leaves on hard-drive of the user. By this method, the use of the site becomes simple thereafter. For example, when a customer looks other pages of the site the use of cookie stocks product in shopping cart until checkout time.

In another point of view, cookie collects data concerning high/low popularity in the site and makes use of the development of the site which more corresponds to customer’s needs. These cookies neither contain data to be able to identify individual person nor concurrently use data containing personal information.

GENTEM, its advertiser and also server of the advertiser may use files called “Web beacons” and “clear gifs” in addition to cookie under anonymity in order to check the popularity of advertisement and promotion and the reaction from customers. But, GENTEM does not use this technology on the collection of personal information.

Mail news sent to customers may use tracking URL linked to content of GENTEM site.

GENTEM utilizing click data accumulated here recognizes the interest of customers on specific topics and evaluates effectiveness of communication with customers.

14 Information Service and Link to Business Alliance Company

The partner of GENTEM and the other company’s site which can access through GENTEM’s site establish constitutions and data collection rules on individual privacy being independent to GENTEM. GENTEM can not be held responsible for constitution or activity independent to GENTEM.

15 Renewal of Privacy Policy

GENTEN may revise Privacy Policy in accordance with change of law and its necessity for protection of personal information. In that case, the updated Privacy Policy will post on the website.

16 Handling of Dispute

In case of dispute on this matter, Tokyo municipal court will handle the dispute as the exclusive court of jurisdiction.