"The Tuning of the board is equally important to the board design itself in terms of getting the maximum performance out of it."

Gentemstick Factory Tune is the final touch to educe the full performance of you board. Because every board and every rider is different, we are taking responsibility to optimize the board to each and every style.

The raison d'être of this service is to create the standard of Gentemstick tuning.

We're starting this project in order to accommodate the demand of many of our users, and hope this will set the standard of snowboard tune ups. Board-design revolution is being seen throughout the world, however it seems the understanding of the relationship between the lines that composes the board, which is an aggregation of complex curved lines, is not being taken seriously enough.

We try to be as meticulous as possible on the combinations of those three-dimensional curves, however it is indispensable to use steel edges to contour the board. The reason for using steel is to have a strong enough material to cut through the ice or to protect the core from impact, however there's another function of these steel edges that are hardly being recognized.

Which is to allow a skilled tuner to shape the board into it's final form in order to match the style of the rider, in other words to give life to the board. This final stage of board shaping is only possible by using steel, being a strong while easy to cut, material. The sidecut shape, its width, as well as their position can be retouched by the tuning process. How to make the edge grip best, how to parry the excessive power... whether to give life or kill the fundamental performance of the board all depends on the tuning.

Now that the Turn is recapturing the attention, it won't be long before the tuning of the board will be the same. It is not just about making the board go faster, but how to make the board be more under control. Accelerate when you need, stop when you hit the brakes and have the board maneuver the way you are willing to. The Tuning is all about allowing better board control.



> 2019/04/01 Season-end maintenance tune discount. From April 1 to May 31, BASIC Course (USED) 30%OFF!

> 2018/06/22 New Board Tune discount. From 6/23 to 8/31, All New Board Tune ¥2,000 OFF!

> 2018/04/25 Refresh Tune discount. From 4/24 to 5/31, BASIC Course (USED) 30%OFF!

> 2017/03/09 GENTEMSTICK Factory Tune Announcement!!

Tune Courses



Tune up to get the fundamental performance out of the board.


Thorough tuning and adjustments made to each and every rider's characteristic and needs.


Meeting all the possible needs for the core users who wants the best possible tuning available.
Price ¥12,000¥14,000 ¥18,000¥20,000 ¥24,000¥26,000
Tip / Tail detune
Edge cleaning
Edge polishing
Base sanding
Custom beveling
Edge mirror finish
Custom maintenance
-- --
Edge maintenance
- - -
Base maintenance
- - -
*All prices are tax excluded.

How to Order

  1. Click on the “Order” button and open the application form, fill out the required info and send.
  2. You will receive an auto-reply email.
  3. Our tuning staff will be in touch with you to discuss what kind of tuning fits you best.
  4. Print out the auto-reply email, stick it on your board and ship to below address.
  5. We will ship the board back to you as soon as it’s ready. Enjoy the performance of a specially tuned board.

Delivery Address

63-25, kabayama, kutchan, abuta, Hokkaido, 044-0078, JAPAN
ZIP 044-0078
TEL : +81 136-22-5581

  • Make sure the auto-reply email is printed and attached on your board.
    If you have no access to a printer, please stick a memo with your name, application number, phone number, model name and serial number.
  • Please be aware that deep damages at the edges may not be fully fixed, as filing down the steel edges too low can affect the durability of the board itself.
    We will do our best to fix the problem, however will only filed the edge down to a certain level in order to maintain the performance of the board.
  • Please remove the bindings before shipping the board.
  • Shipping fees will be covered at the customer's expenses.
  • Please make sure all wax is scraped off of the base. Extra ¥1,000(Tax excluded) will be charged for scraping.