2017-2018 MODEL



The Magic38 is the resized version of the Speedmaster. We have kept the same riding feel but remodeled to give additional maneuverability to match the conditions of Japanese mountains. Countless time has been spent in the preliminary design and finally been honed to perfection. It is one of our most well-balanced board in our quiver.
1680 mm
Running Length
1119 mm
1289 mm
Nose Width
300 mm
Waist Width
250 mm
Tail Width
296 mm
Sidecut R.
8330/8080 mm
-30 mm
2 mm
Sidecut Dep.
25 mm
2 mm
Stance Width
520-600 mm
¥158,000(w/o tax)
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The idea of traditional camber is to apply the same amount of pressure onto the entire edge of a board to attain smoother, more stable carving and turning.

The camber arches from the center of the board all the way to 3 cm inside of the widest point of a board, both the nose and the tail. To turn, this camber has to be stepped on and the bottom pressed against the surface. This type of camber is effective at a resort, compacted slope or on a flat face. But it has lots of demerit on deep powder, fresh snow, or terrains with three-dimensional features. It is arched against the direction of the board, and the board could get hooked on the snow easily, making the turn less agile.

The GENTEMSTICK’s radical Accel camber eliminates hooking and prevents nosedives in deep powder or fresh snow, while maintaining a natural floatation. It is designed and shaped to perform its best when the rider stands neutrally on top of a board. It is made flat from the widest point of the nose side to about the front foot. The arch begins there and reaches the highest around the back foot, and it ends at the widest point of the tail side. When a rider stands on the board, the arch gets pushed and the area ahead of the front foot barely touches the snow.

This is the position that maximizes the performance of the board, and also the same position that reaches maximum velocity in ski races and other speed competitions. Accel camber has an arch from point A to point B. The board becomes flat as the back foot pressures the board. It rises slightly from the point C to the nose, which effectively reduces snow resistance. There are boards with similar camber designs released from major manufacturers these days. It is important to remember that the nose rocker design becomes very important with this kind of camber system, which has the peak of its arch placed further behind the center of a board. The GENTEMSTICK Accel camber boards are distinctly designed, especially from the point where the camber ends to the widest point of the nose. The key is to reduce resistance.


Neko / ニセコ 札幌近郊 / Hair dresser
_x000D_ 主にスキー場エリア内で使用。面ツルのパウダーも良いが、朝一のグルーマーが最高!ターンの質が気持ち良く、テールが良くしなるので、溜めの効いた粘りのあるロングターンで弧を描くように切れ上がっていく。沢地形や壁での動きもテールの使い方次第で自在。見た目以上に細かく動き、ツリーランも余裕でこなす。ブレーキ性能も高く、乗り心地が良く疲れない。初めて行く山に1本だけ持って行くなら、この安心感。_x000D_

_x000D_ 淡麗
_x000D_ パウダースノーでの安定感は勿論のこと荒れたボコボコの雪面でも自分がイメージするターンが可能。またスピードを出しても安定感が抜群で乗っていて怖いシーンが皆無。特にピステンバーンでのカービングは恐ろしいほどキレキレで彫刻刀で彫ったようなラインがたまらない。_x000D_