This season, GENTEMSTICK is celebrating 2 decades of Snowsurfing.
We would have not been able to come this far if it wasn’t for all of your support from all around the world! 
Thank you so much!!


2018年12月8日 GENTEMSTICK 発祥の地、北海道ニセコにて20周年記念パーティーが執り行われました。


On December 8th 2018, we held a 20th anniversary party in Niseko, the birthplace of gentemstick. 
So many people came from afar to celebrate and we were lucky to have you around to share a wonderful time.






All the energy and support you’ve provided us in the past 20 years will fuel our drive to the future. 
We would also like to extend our gratitude to those who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the party. 
It is equally thanks to all of you that we are where we’re at today. 



GENTEMSTICK を今後ともよろしくお願いいたします。

Beloved users, shop owners and staffs. 
We would really appreciate if you could help us keep writing our story together for the decades to come. 


Whether on the trail at Higashi-One, at the pool table of Tsaina lodge, at the Jackson Hole tram line, at the counter of a coffee shop in Oregon, at the beach in Norway or at a remote island in the Indian Ocean. Wherever it might be, when I hear someone telling me “it was awesome”, it gave me the strength to overcome any obstacles.
Thank you so much for what you have been doing and let’s keep riding!

Taro Tamai


「太朗とその仲間たちは、GENTEMSTICKという板を介し、この宇宙エネルギーと繋がる素晴らしい方法を極めたのである。側から見ていると疑問の余地もないほど素晴らしく、スタイリッシュであり、楽しそうで、とても魅力的に見えるのがその証だ」――by Gerry Lopez

"Taro and his crew have perfected a beautiful method to connect with this cosmic energy through the Gentem line of snowboards. Undeniably, from the outside view, it looks great…stylish, fun and very appealing." - Gerry Lopez


これまでの20年の歴史が様々なフィルマーにより紡がれた、GENTEMSTICK 20th Anniversary movie DVDとBOOKのご購入は以下リンクより